Housing Possession

The procedure your landlord must follow to re-possess your home will depend on the type of ‘occupier’ that you are.

If you are a tenant, then your landlord will normally have to serve you with a ‘Notice’. The type and length of the ‘Notice’ will depend on the type of tenant that you are and the reason why your landlord wants possession of the property. 

If you remain in occupation after the ‘Notice’ has expired, your landlord will have to apply to the Court for a ‘Possession Order’. If the Court makes an Order, your landlord can apply to evict you once the Order has expired. 

If you receive a ‘Notice’, then it is important that you contact Lawstop for legal advice as soon as possible. Lawstop can check whether the ‘Notice’ is valid and advise you on your rights. We can also represent you at Court if the landlord decides to issue ‘Possession Proceedings’ and/or you have received a ‘Warrant of Eviction’.