Homelessness Legal Advice

An individual is homeless if they do not have accommodation that is reasonable for them to reside in.

If a Local Housing Authority receives an application for housing assistance and has reason to believe that the applicant may be homeless or threatened with homelessness, then there is a duty on the Local Housing Authority to make enquiries. 

The purpose of these enquiries is to establish what (if any) housing duty may be owed to the applicant. A Local Housing Authority has an obligation to provide interim accommodation to a homeless applicant while enquiries are carried out into what duty, if any, is owed to them. The local authority must establish that someone is homeless, eligible for assistance, and in priority need of accommodation. 

They will also consider whether someone is intentionally homeless and whether they have a local connection to the authority. 

There are many different ways you could be classed as homeless. As such, we want you to understand your rights and know when you may be eligible for help or should contact us for further advice. 

We can assist where councils have refused to accept a homeless application, not provided interim accommodation, or have made an adverse decision on your homeless application. If you find yourself in one of the scenarios above, please contact us so that we can provide you with further advice on your rights.

You may be deemed as legally homeless if:
You have no legal right to live in accommodation anywhere
You cannot get into your home (your landlord has locked you out)
It's not reasonable to stay in your home (if you are at risk of violence or abuse)
You are forced to live apart from your family or people you typically live with because there is no suitable accommodation for you
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