Community Care

Community Care

As Community Care lawyers, we are specialists when it comes to challenging decisions which have been made by the likes of Children’s or Adult’s Social Services, where it is believed that they have acted unlawfully in the provision of services to a range of people, including but not limited to, disabled or vulnerable people, children and the elderly.
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Knowing whether or not your particular issue has merit for judicial review can be hard, our specialist team can talk to you about your legal issue and provide you with advice on the correct course of action to take. We take the time to help you navigate the legal process and will meet and discuss with you over the phone how best we can manage your case.

The types of Community Care cases are as follows;

Care Leavers

If you spent some time in the care of a Local Authority, we are able to advise you as to your rights and entitlements as a former relevant child or qualifying care leaver. Such provisions might include rights to a Personal Advisor, assistance with employment, education and accommodation, and help with living expenses.  

We can also determine whether you are a Child in Need under s. 17 Children Act 1989 and explain what type of support you are entitled to. If you have been given any decision by a Local Authority that relates to either the Care Act or a Child in Need assessment which you do not agree with, this may be challenged by way of judicial review and can be discussed with your legal advisor.

Care Package

If you currently have a care package in place but are unhappy with it, we are able to assist, whether you believe your needs and circumstances have changed or perhaps you want to change the way your care is provided you can discuss this with your legal advisor and determine the best course of action. 

Court of Protection

We can bring about complex proceedings in relation to the rights of vulnerable people relating to the Court of Protection. These may involve issues with mental capacity, financial problems, or medical treatment. 


Your Local Authority may be able to adapt your home or provide more extensive support as the result of a disability or illness. We are able to request this on your behalf. 


There is often a cross-over between Community Care and housing law. We can advise you in terms of community care law. For example, if you are not eligible for social housing but still require additional assistance as a vulnerable person, suffer from a disability or if you have children. Please contact our legal team to discuss further.